Love My City (prod. by RCubed)

by Black Bobby

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I have so many fun things to tell you about this song, which is Capital D- DOPE. This was one of my favorite songs to write and def is one of my favorite to listen to. I enjoy Love My City in the home, automobile, and work place. I haven’t tried it in the club or gym yet. But that will soon change!

So, this song is about the ambitions that an artist like me shares with his city. I love Miami and I love DC. I also loved Boston. I’m easy like that. But, getting here and launching a new chapter in my life through a career in the entertainment industry has been a true blessing. And everyday I find more and more that my ambition for service, leadership, and the preservation of Hip-Hop is tied to the ambitions in the places that I’ve called home and especially my home now- Miami. I live Downtown and I rep my city HARD. Don’t come to the Bottom without hollering at me. You might end up at a wack party.

When I say I “mastered the town,” I’m saying that I’ve mastered the zeitgeist, swag, style of the city. Not, “I am the master of the town.” Let’s be clear. I ain’t trippin!! Might get me popped by one of them Cocaine Cowboys I hear about. Ha. Anyway, if I were being totally honest in the song I would say: I am mastering the town. Work in progress. But, whatever. That ain’t really fit. So, I’m trying to say: I was a newbie and an outsider but now I’m coming into my own here and I’m realizing my connection to the city in so many ways. One way is: I’m starting a business here- SQUARE BIZ Entertainment. Many of the kids who work with me are native Miamians. The first time I scouted the promo team (I-95) I ended up hiring, they were helping promote a 2 Live Crew booty shorts-o-rama at White Room. I knew it was fate then. Ha.

One of the kids I work with is REALLY a kid. Raul “Ronson” Cubina aka RCubed is 17 and goes to High School here in Miami. He’s a super talented Puerto Rican and he made the beat for this song. He played all of the instruments and mixed the song into the product you are about to hear. He mostly dabbles in Electro music. This is his very FIRST Hip-Hop beat. Awwww. Isn’t that cute? Anyway, Raul is the A&R for the record label side of SQUARE BIZ Entertainment. Holler at him if you want to make dope music with us.

So, here it is. Miami, DC, Boston: please stand up. Then sit down, download this song, and listen to it on some really good headphones. Don’t stand too long. You might get dizzy. I love you! And I LOVE MY CITY.


released March 1, 2010
Larry Harris, Jr & Raul Cubina



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